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Many Dutch health insurance companies reimburse all or a portion of acupuncture treatment with a supplementary policy (aanvullende verzekering)      

Lee is a member of the NVA (Netherlands Acupuncture Association)

Acupuncture is effective in alleviating many non-pregnancy related symptoms or complaints. For more information regarding how acupuncture can help you or to schedule an appointment contact Lee at or by clicking on the envelope below. 

Acupuncture Treatment during Pregnancy and Beyond


Acupuncture can help alleviate complaints which may occur during pregancy such as nausea, constipation, oedema, low back pain and pelvic pain as well as postpartum.  In addition, acupuncture can be effective during the last trimester in the following particular situations:

Childbirth Preparatory Acupuncture:  as of 36 weeks until delivery.

Prebirth acupuncture refers to a series of treatments in the final weeks of pregnancy to help prepare the woman's body for birth, with an emphasis on preparing the cervix and pelvis for labor. Typically the first appointment is made at around 36 weeks and continues once a week until delivery. 

Acupuncture/Moxibustion for breech position: as of 34 weeks.

While the majority of breech babies turn spontaneously before birth, the longer a baby stays in the breech position with conditions becoming more cramped, the less likely it will be to turn of its own volition. In many Western countries breech presentation is an indication for a c-section. In order to correct fetal presentation an external cephalic version (ECV) may be performed (manipulation) at around 36 weeks. In the Netherlands, ECV is performed in either a midwife practice by specially trained midwives or within the hospital by gynaecologists or clinical midwives.

The use of moxibustion  is an effective, safe and non-invasive treatment worth considering to attempt to turn the baby naturally. Moxibustion is an externally applied treatment using a Chinese herb called Moxa, commonly know as Mugwort. Moxa sticks are lit and held over acupuncture points. The radiant heat produced has the effect of stimulating the point.   There is a protocol which I  teach to expecting parents. After the first treatment, the woman/couple is given enough moxa sticks to complete the course of treatment at home. Studies have shown that intervention is most efficient at week 34, before the baby has grown too large. Since close to 50 % of babies will have turned spontaneously by week 36, many midwives and doctors wait until that time before discussing other alternatives.

If desired, during this initial treatment,  I can also teach you and your partner how to use acupressure during delivery (hand-out included).

Acupuncture to induce delivery: as of the beginning of week 41. 

A medical induction refers to initiating labor artificially. This usually involves the use of prostaglandins, a balloon catheter for cervical rippening, manual "sweeping"of the membranes around the cervix and the administration of IV oxytocin. But acunpunture can also be used to help jump-start labor naturally. I try to see a woman a few days before a medical induction is planned. If time allows, there can be a follow-up treatment. It is helpful if you partner is present as I also teach acupressure points which can be self-administered following acupuncture treatment.

In special cases I will treat prior to week 41. This will only be done with the approval of your midwife or gynaecologist.

Consultation fee acupuncture: initial treatment €75 for 60 minutes; follow-up visits €60 for 45 minutes. Payment should be made in full at the time of treatment.



Acupressure for Expecting Couples

Acupressure  is successfully used during labor to alleviate pain and promote dilation. If you are overdue, it may also assist in initiating labor, avoiding medical intervention. Postpartum it may help with lactation. During this one hour session you and your partner or birthing coach will learn how to effectively use acupressure points during labor. 

€75 per couple for a one hour session in Oegtgeest, €90 on location. Hand-out included in the fee.